Saturday, June 19, 2010

To shape, or not to shape, that is the question

To liven up a needlepoint, I've been thinking for a long time about shaping the contour...More......I love cats (as "Maukie" attests), and I sew up my own projects, so I would love to do a needlepoint cushion of one, but have been dragging my feet because needlepoint canvas is so stiff that I fear it will be too bulky, or too difficult, to turn the sharp corners necessary for the ears, even with a fairly large overall size.

Until this morning.

I think the solution just popped into my head, and now I can't wait to try it.

I'm finally following my own advice to remember materials and techniques...this time applied not just to the yarns and canvas and designing and stitching process, but also to the blocking process.

All the books I've read caution the needlepointer not to soak the canvas when blocking because it deprives the canvas of its desirable stiff qualities. Oh yeah, so, if the stiff quality isn't desired, the bathing away of the starches would make the area desirably pliable!

I'm pretty sure that's going to get rid of the problem, but I have to wait months before being able to try it because I have to finish my current project, then design and stitch the next before being able to get it to the blocking stage.

Hope I remember!

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