Saturday, June 26, 2010

Appliqués and's later than you think!

Aaaaaah, the first real and delightful days of summer in this year of oddly tenacious cool weather and rain, here. "Thumbing" through other needlepoint web sites, however,...More......I saw Christmas patterns, already! "That's cute," I found myself saying, "but there's still lots of time." The small Xmas ornaments and the like didn't trigger any particular emergency messages in my adrenaline system...the Christmas tree skirt did.

I'm just guessing, but the total space to cover seems like it would be equivalent to at least two chair seat backs, seats and arm rests. For me, that's about two years of work in "needlepoint time."

How to remedy this problem? While using scraps of left-over canvas, too big to toss out, but too small to use easily, probably will provide you with small objects, such as tree ornaments, thinking "appliqué" also may let you kill two birds with one stone: use up those odd bits and pieces AND have a personalized tree skirt in time for Christmas.

Though not a Christmas theme, here's a good example of just such concepts. I needlepointed this image seen in a stained glass window, then used black trim to imitate the leaded canes around the crest, rather than needlepoint the whole surface of the pillow.

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