Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Like ripping off a bandaid, let me confess my (one and only?) design disaster, and get it out of the way

It seemed like such a good idea for the gift for the first child of movie-loving friends. "What kind of design to do? Don't want to do something banal...Oh, I know! I'll plan it like a movie ticket,...More......with the mom's name as the producer (heh heh), the dad's name as director, and the baby's name as the featured event! It will be so GREAT!"

When finished (after months and months of work...the stitches are tiny, mind you), I wasn't so hot about it after all...aware that the details were too small, too many, too complicatedly fussy, and the colors too bright (but that's partly due to the lack of a Paternayan yarn store nearby, and too-costly postage for long distance purchases, so I have to stock up whenever I visit family and friends, then use what I've got in stock). I'm really embarrassed, now.

It remains my reminder of what NOT to do. Forewarned is forearmed!

(P.S., to the "mom" and "dad" in question, thankfully incognito due to the small size of the photo...I'll understand if the needlepoint "brightens" the inside of a dresser drawer!)

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