Friday, June 25, 2010

Is there life after cushions? (03)

As long as we're talking about pincushions, here's the one...More......I made with my initials for myself. It is filled with the sand intended for creating sand pictures in decorative vases (I have to get very creative about coming up with product substitutes, as craft stores don't exist here; needle work stores concentrate on cross stitch and, for needlepoint, DMC, which has threads either too big, or too small, for 18-pt; and postage costs are prohibitive).

Lining it and adding a zipper would make it just the right size in 18-pt for a change purse, too. (Because of its small size, it might be too hard to sew with right sides together, then turn...with the wrong sides together, fold a ribbon around the circumferance; sewing it down--being sure to catch both edges of the ribbon, front and back--will close up the little purse.)

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