Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Most recent completed project: a Thank You

I can't tell you about my current project, yet, it's a surprise gift, but I can tell you about my most recent project:...More......another surprise gift.

Lately, we have had to avail ourselves more than usual--most unfortunately--of the efficient services of our public health service doctor, whom I wanted to thank from the bottom of my heart, which meant--for me--with a hand-done needlepoint of my own design. "Medico" in Italian means "doctor," the blue "o's" are pills, and the border colors are inspired by the traditional colors used by pharmacy signs, here. I designed it, executed it, and framed it by myself (more on framing in the future).

I'm very happy (and relieved) to say that she loved it, and immediately set it up in her office, where she always can see it.

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