Tuesday, June 22, 2010

How do I decide on a project?

How do I decide on a project? First, I get the "bug." Unless my life is horrifically busy, when...More......after dinner all I can do is collapse, then I have the urge to do needlepoint. It makes me feel quite virtuous, because just watching T.V. seems a waste of time, and I'm often too tired to read. So, I like to watch a good program AND needlepoint. The repetitive action of the stitching is also 'hypnotic' and relaxing.

When deciding on a new project, I turn first to my needlepoint books, and thumb through them, looking at the designs and kinds of projects, hoping for inspiration (or, rather, trying to sift through the various inspirations, and decide on just one!). Couple this with a possible particular need for myself, or as a gift, and voilà!, the project imposes itself on me!

In the image in question, my love for cats, the adorable grumpiness of the Victorian cats in E. Bradley's book, and the need to create a draft-stopper for the window in our bedroom all coalesced into this row of grumpy Victorian kitties, which provided yet another needlepoint lesson: as much as I tried to needlepoint each and every kitty exactly the same, counting the stitches ever so carefully, teeny differences crept into the work, enlivening it, and making a close examination of the individual personality of each of the kitties quite fun.

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