Friday, June 18, 2010

Ribbon border

Designing one's own needlepoints is so much fun, even when being inspired by needlepoint books (well, that's what they're there for, after all!).

I got this ribbon border from the Victorian needlepoint book, and used it for the needlepoint I did of a pugdog (also from the Victorian needlepoint book), and I added the cushion, the ball and the striped background (color scheme dictated--once again--by what I had in stock!). It came out very well, I think.

The ribbon motif is quite flexible, if you think of the flexed ribbon separately from the bow in the corner. Use multiples of the ribbon bit (turning it, as necessary) to fill up the lengths of your design, and plan the width of the border to accomodate the bow in the corner, too (also to be turned, as necessary).

The border would be a lovely accent for your favorite sayings, too. (I did the patterns with the StitchPainter program, then turned the images into BMP for you; if you use your browser to enlarge the image, it should be big enough to use.)

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