Sunday, June 27, 2010

Computer update went well (whew!)

The computer update went well (whew!), so I am able to do the blog and e-mail, Thank Goodness! Yes, ...More......the Wizard to add the program automatically started when I put the CD into the drive, and it all went amazingly well.

Clicking on the icon, automatically installed on my desktop, opened the program, which was 100% intuitive for one of the two things I wanted to do.

And the second thing I wanted to do? THAT was 100% NOT intuitive, and the ..."help"... menu just said that the function was possible, without saying HOW!

I poked around a bit, and was beginning to despair. Giving up, I decided to close the program, and hunt around in internet for instructions, when I saw something small and tucked away that I hadn't noticed before. "What the heck," I said to myself, "might as well click here before closing." That was it!

Once arriving there, the rest was again 100% intuitive. Though it would have been better to make the function more obvious, at least I found it, and the installation of the program didn't send everything in tilt, so I'm happy!

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