Thursday, June 24, 2010

Is there life after cushions? (02)

Searching for non-cushion/framed piece projects for my needlepoints, I consulted...More......all the books I have. Some provide possibilities so--for me--bizarre for needlepoint projects that the promising long lists ended up not helpful after all. Cover a brick with my precious and long-in-the-making handwork to make a doorstop, subject to dirt of all sorts? Are you nuts?! I even have resisted doing a footstool for that same reason!

Here, instead, is my design for a small strawberry pie seen from the top, just right for an 18-point (covered) coaster, or a pin cushion. If you work on a larger-holed canvas, the design will end up bigger, of course. (More about other objects ready for hosting your needlepoint projects, later).

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