Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Time flies

Why not take advantage of the idea of the passage of time to enliven and enrich your designs? I did in my “CARPE DIEM” in which ...More......the idea of the passage of time is a reminder—in the true Stoic sense of the phrase—to take advantage of every moment of the present to be a better person, individually and socially.

It also provides a thought-provoking artistic synchronization between the concept and its presentation.

The concept reminds us to be aware in the present of the fleeting passage of time, while the needlepoint displays the passage of time. Like a snapshot (in itself evoking the sense of the present), the—for the moment, new—needlepoint depicts a detail of an ancient cracked fallen architectural fragment, invaded and surrounded by wild plants, such as the acanthus on the left, the inspiration for the leaf design found in ancient classical art, thus forcing us to note the passage of time.

It is, for me, a personal reminder to try to be a better person every day, but also my own sad comment on how this unselfishness--like a fallen architectural fragment in a field of wild plants--is forgotten, in many ways big and small, in today’s society.

The comparison between the design and the worked needlepoint also is a good example of the difference between the colors in my designs--bright, for visibility during the working phase--and in my worked pieces.

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