Monday, July 26, 2010

Search feature and a request for your suggestions

I'm very grateful to Blogger for the marvelous possibilities they offer for constructing and offering attractive and helpful blogs for free, but I need your help to solve a problem...More......The "search" feature, an automatic part of the model I chose, did not work immediately, which I found odd because it was part of the model, after all.

After reading the "help" messages, I saw that first "indexing" had to take place...a very complex-sounding procedure, which, thankfully, would happen automatically...eventually...for the newer blogs, like mine.

I just realized that my messages from the 15th of July, 2010, onward are now "indexed," and so searchable. Unfortunately, all my previous messages are not.

I had hoped that re-posting them would force them to be available to the indexing, but no such luck. I temporarily turned off the feed feature, and reposted all my messages prior to that date, and they still aren't searchable.

I put so much energy and love into all my messages that it's heartbreaking to not have them all available. Has anyone else found a way around this serious problem?

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