Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Searching this blog

The search feature automatically a part of this blog module works only partially (sigh). First of all,...More......it depends on the availability of the pages in Google, which is not automatic (any new blog must be signaled to Google by the blog owner, then it’s up to Google to choose which pages to include). Thankfully, when the Google technicians added my blog to their search engine, they went back all the way to the first post. Unfortunately, they skipped a few pages, all important—of course!—but one more than others (see below). Furthermore, pages available directly in Google are not available in the search feature in the blog, itself—go figure.

Therefore, in addition to using this search feature, you also might want to use Google directly from the web, for example:

arsacupicturaestellae.blogspot.com welcome

will search in my blog for any pages containing the word "welcome."

Furthermore, as of July 27, 2010, the following pages were not available directly in Google, and so are not available in the search feature of the blog, too:

July 24, 2010: "Library mouse (02)"
July 15, 2010: "Garland of roses (9 of 9)"
July 14, 2010: "Cat and mouse (8 of 9)"
July 13, 2010: "Swan (7 of 9)"
June 14, 2010: "The Devil is in the Details...of Designing" (this is a very important post)

You might want to visit them, directly, to see what you missed.

Finally, if you do use the search feature in the blog, itself, the module creators have caused it to appear at the top of this column, and I can’t see where to change that, so don’t fret if you search for something, then don’t see anything happen. Check at the top of the column for the results.

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