Monday, January 17, 2011

Moving hiatus...and not the emotional kind...unfortunately

The move looms....

So it's time for a hiatus--a break in continuity, according to the handy dandy Merriam-Webster online dictionary ( the move is done, and--keeping our fingers crossed--the transferral of phone and internet service goes smoothly.

I might be able to "chat" with you a time, or two, before the early part of February, but if I don't, you'll know I haven't fallen off the edge of the world...just into a seemingly never-ending vortex of boxes.

In the meantime, here's an appropriate saying to stitch up, "BLESS THIS MESS," which I created for your personal, non-commercial use, just for this occasion. To keep you company, while I'm being blown about by the whirlwind.

Keep well and safe til then!

Friday, January 14, 2011

Photoless Friday (09): What inspires you to do needlepoint, or cross-stitch, projects?

Photoless Friday, again, and life is still getting in the way of needlepointing. The date of the move nears, so my every spare moment, day or evening, is dedicated to sorting, giving away, tossing out, deciding where furniture and stuff will be put in the new place and boxing. My needlepoint supplies already are safely tucked into their new homes: the clear plastic boxes mentioned in an earlier post.

I'm longing for the return of a more normal rhythm of life, which includes...More......

...more time for blogging and a hearty dose of time for stretching out my legs, putting up my feet, and getting out the needlepoint project in progress (still that Thank You project mentioned awhile back).

Couldn't resist pulling out the computer for a few words with you before hitting the chores, and I got to thinking: what is it that inspires me to do specific needlepoint projects?

Gifts, hopefully appreciated, but small enough to be put away in the back of a drawer, if not.

Specific moments, or feelings, to be remembered and shared.

Artistic challenges.

How about you?

Monday, January 10, 2011

Milan Monday (20): Bounty and Good Harvest

Twenty...that's a nice round number with which to start the New Year's series of "Milan Monday."

Today, there is yet another good thought for 2011: Bounty, aka Good Harvest...More......

She's a delightful female personification on a building in Milan (if you want to know more about the artist and building, go to this message on my "My Milan (Italy)" blog: (You'll have to click on "More," and scroll down to find it...I got a bit carried away that day!)

As usual, I used a photo of my own, uploaded it into StitchPainter, created the diagram, then made it into a BMP file to share with you for your personal, non-commercial uses.

Calling all wives and girlfriends of grain farmers! Here's a great project for a cushion for your house!

May the New Year bring us all serenity, in all its forms.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

So, it's a New Year..."Count your blessings"

So, it's a New Year.

Have you made your needlepoint New Year's resolutions, yet?...More......

I'm looking forward to the end of the whirlwind, so I can dedicate more time to needlepointing. Got a bit more done on the present-in-progress.

In the meantime, today's needlepoint diagram seems appropriate for beginning a New Year on a positive note: "Count your blessings."

Monday, January 3, 2011

Milan Monday (sort of) (19)

Happy First Monday of the New Year! Let's hope that 2011 will be (much) better than 2010! A Happy, Healthy, Prosperous and Serene New Year to you all!

What better way to start out the New Year than with an angel!...More......

On Monday, I try to post something that piques your interest in Milan, Italy. Capturing the Christmas lights already is hard, but getting the right angle and lighting and lack of surrounding distractions suitable for turning into a needlepoint design is beyond my possibilities of time and patience, so while on my blog dedicated to Milan, you'll find a snap taken down a street with trumpeting angel Christmas lights, here is my needlepoint/cross-stitch diagram, which I created by uploading the free Microsoft image, MC900331465, of a trumpeting angel into my StitchPainter program, and then turning it into a BMP image for your personal, non-commercial use.

A hearty thanks to Microsoft (and all others providing good, free clip art!)

If you want to see the original photo, please go to my blog dedicated to Milan: "My Milan (Italy)"

Thanks so much for following my blogs, a hearty welcome for 2011!
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