Monday, January 10, 2011

Milan Monday (20): Bounty and Good Harvest

Twenty...that's a nice round number with which to start the New Year's series of "Milan Monday."

Today, there is yet another good thought for 2011: Bounty, aka Good Harvest...More......

She's a delightful female personification on a building in Milan (if you want to know more about the artist and building, go to this message on my "My Milan (Italy)" blog: (You'll have to click on "More," and scroll down to find it...I got a bit carried away that day!)

As usual, I used a photo of my own, uploaded it into StitchPainter, created the diagram, then made it into a BMP file to share with you for your personal, non-commercial uses.

Calling all wives and girlfriends of grain farmers! Here's a great project for a cushion for your house!

May the New Year bring us all serenity, in all its forms.

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