Friday, January 14, 2011

Photoless Friday (09): What inspires you to do needlepoint, or cross-stitch, projects?

Photoless Friday, again, and life is still getting in the way of needlepointing. The date of the move nears, so my every spare moment, day or evening, is dedicated to sorting, giving away, tossing out, deciding where furniture and stuff will be put in the new place and boxing. My needlepoint supplies already are safely tucked into their new homes: the clear plastic boxes mentioned in an earlier post.

I'm longing for the return of a more normal rhythm of life, which includes...More......

...more time for blogging and a hearty dose of time for stretching out my legs, putting up my feet, and getting out the needlepoint project in progress (still that Thank You project mentioned awhile back).

Couldn't resist pulling out the computer for a few words with you before hitting the chores, and I got to thinking: what is it that inspires me to do specific needlepoint projects?

Gifts, hopefully appreciated, but small enough to be put away in the back of a drawer, if not.

Specific moments, or feelings, to be remembered and shared.

Artistic challenges.

How about you?

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