Thursday, August 15, 2013

Ferragosto, Italy's most important summertime holiday

Happy Ferragosto!

The 15th of August in Italy is celebrated as the most important summertime holiday. The lay spirit of the most intensely lived no-work day of relax prevails, though,...More......

...for Catholic believers, it's also a religious holiday (the assumption into heaven of the Blessed Virgin Mary).

Because of the crisis, activities once closed for the entire month of August stay open more and more often for the first and the last weeks of August.

For, however, this shining day dedicated to profound R&R (and often for a few days before and after) pretty much everything in Milan and many Italian cities except basic fundamental services, such as ERs and basic patient care in hospitals, closes down.


So, if you're in Italy, today you just might have loads of time on your hands. Just the right moment to start a new needlepoint, or cross-stitch, project!

I copied-and-pasted this freebies Microsoft image [(MC900239414), thanks Microsoft!] into StitchPainter, having first sized the image to fit nicely into the upper half of an 8 1/2 x 11" frame (if you work on 18-point) with space at the bottom for a quote of your choice...all for your free personal non-commercial stitching pleasure on this lovely relaxing day.

Oh...and the economic crisis? TV economy journalists have said this morning that the worst just might be over in Europe: 17 of 28 countries posted news about a small, but encouraging, growth. If we get more growth, however small, next trimester, too, the good trend strengthens. Let's hope!


Sunday, August 4, 2013

More summertime stitching fun!

Still getting my next project's SO hot, here!...but am thinking of you!

Here's something for you thanks to the free Microsoft clipart image (MC900438099). I imported it into StitchPainter for your personal non-commercial stitching pleasure!

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