Friday, July 16, 2010

Composite frame with ribbon and twisted rope motif

Apparently, it is possible to sew small fragments of needlepoint canvas together (overlap at least two complete rows of canvas on each piece, and needlepoint them together as you go), or so I have read, but,...More......never having tried it, it seems to me like it would be unstable. Instead, this design is a fictive composite design.

My inspiration for these images, designed by me freehand on my StitchPainter program, was—as usual—the Victorian needlepoint book (see bibliography and link list). If you like this kind of style, I highly recommend that you buy this book. If you’re like me, you’ll spend happy hours reading about and dreaming of needlepoint!

Remember that, in my designs, the colors are not necessarily indicative of what is to be stitched, but often brighter and maybe even completely different on the diagram to help my eyes distinguish the colors of the little squares, while reading the diagram and stitching. Particularly for certain areas, for example, border patterns, hair and clothes, the indication of the color, in itself, on the diagram is less important than the placement of light-medium-dark tones. Choose your own colors, to go with your taste, or interior decorating scheme.

1 comment:

Star said...

I just opened and zoomed on the overall diagram to see if, uploaded, it still was intelligible, since the original file, as you can imagine, is quite large. Thankfully, it is, but I see, too, that I forgot to comment on the little "teeth" inside the little squares. Those are present solely as line markers, and are not to be sewn.

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