Saturday, July 3, 2010

Designing: places to start

So, you want to make a needlepoint. You even have an idea about what it will become after being finished, AND you know to whom you'd like to give it. These two things already will...More......influence the design, itself. Let's say you've even settled on a subject, and have an idea about how you'd like the composition to be. Where to turn, next, in the absence of a pre-fab kit? Though a perfectly viable alternative--one got me hooked on needlepoint after all!--as I've mentioned it's so much fun to design one's own.

Looking through books of needlepoint patterns helps (if you're a beginning, I'd put off translating complicated images, such as a photo of your kid with his/her first b-day cake smeared everywhere but in his/her mouth).

Start with something simple, such as this little hand-done Xmas tree. If you have trouble drawing, then get yourself a kid's coloring book with the desired images in it, or hunt on the web. Once you have the image you want, you can trace it directly onto your canvas WITH A PENCIL, OR A WATERPROOF PEN, up against a window, in absence of a light box. It's a bit tiring, but works great.

Always remember to figure your initials and the year into the design from the very beginning!

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