Sunday, June 26, 2011

Why do I needlepoint (gifts)?

Why do I needlepoint? I answered that in my first ("Welcome") post:

But why do I needlepoint gifts?...More...

Gotta do something other than fill my own house with cushions:

But, seriously, it's a productive way to express not just my creativity as best as I can manage, but it also has that old-fashioned pleasure of thinking about what might please the other person, designing it, then actually making it myself.

Here, I had the "bright" idea to make Xmas gifts--all alike, to avoid jealousies (yeah, right)--for my colleagues at work. What had begun as sunglasses cases rapidly turned into (half the size) sachets for undies and stockings drawers, and even so I only managed to finish the designing, needlepointing and hand-finishing the subsequent Easter time. (Note to self: NEVER do that, again.)

Really, though, each stitch is like spending time with that person, thanking them, hugging them. Sometimes (often?) it means more to me than it does to them...and for that reason I keep my gifts small enough to be stuck away in the bottom of a drawer, if so desired: (P.S., she loved it, thankfully, and keeps it in her office, where she can see it).

Why all this mushy stuff? Because looking at my calendar, I realized that, thanks to being innundated with Life and Work, my first Ars acupicturae stellae-Star's Needlepoint Art anniversary went by without me noticing: I did the first post on the 12th of June 2010. Does not seem possible.

Thank you to the "vast" crowd, who regularly follow me, to those who might be regular lurkers, and to those checking in now and again.

Writing for you and sharing my hand-done needlepoint love, StitchPainter thoughts and grids, designs and works with you has been very wonderful for me. I hope it was and continues to be for you, too.


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