Friday, June 10, 2011

Photoless Friday (16): surprise, surprise, more Owen Jones

Here it is, Photoless Friday, already.

Time for more Owen Jones...More......

PROPOSITION 13: Flowers or other natural objects should not be used as ornaments, but conventional representations founded upon them sufficiently suggestive to convey the intended image to the mind, without destroying the unity of the object they are employed to decorate. Universally obeyed in the best periods of Art, equally violated when Art declines. [Jones’ cursive]


Yeah, I know, his old-time language is sometimes a bit impenetrable.

Here, the meaning is simple: draw inspiration from nature, stylize (don't copy) it, and certainly don't make it into a merely decorative motif.

My spin? Try to adapt the idea to the medium and the project's end goals.

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