Sunday, April 10, 2011

Slow, but sure progress

Slow, but sure, progress on that other "Thank You" gift I mentioned quite awhile ago. (I'm pretty sure the intended recipient isn't sneaking a peek at her gift, because she doesn't read English, so I should be pretty safe!)

The design went through various mutations,...More......

...beginning with something much more detailed and realistic, maybe interesting in and of itself, but the desired impact, message, wasn't there, so, like any sef-respecting modern artist (I do live in my own time, after all, as much as I am not comfortable in it quite often), I pared down, and pared down, and pared down til I got to the essence of what I was wanting to express.

Whether I succeed, or not, in your opinion, you'll be able to see for yourself at the journey's end.

For now, here's another snapshot of the work-in-progress, which I designed with my StitchPainter program.

Can you tell, yet, what it's going to be?

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