Friday, April 29, 2011

Photoless Friday (12): More Owen Jones

Friday, again, already. VERY busy with special dinner preparations (if desired, follow the progress on my blog dedicated to Milan:

Can't linger, but couldn't turn up the opportunity to share another gem from Owen Jones with you, either. This one is his "Proposition 9":...More......

"PROPOSITION 9: As in every perfect work of Architecture a true proportion will be found to reign between all the members which compose it, so throughout the Decorative Arts every assemblage of forms should be arranged on certain definite proportions; the whole and each particular member should be a multiple of some simple unit. Those proportions will be the most beautiful which it will be most difficult for the eye to detect. Thus the proportion of a double square, or 4 to 8, will be less beautiful than the more subtle ration of 5 to 8; 3 to 6; than 3 to 7; 3 to 9; 3 to 4; than 3 to 5."

Hey, mathematicians out he talking about the Golden Mean (approximately 2/3 to the whole)?

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