Thursday, August 5, 2010


A recent comment on one of my posts expressed happy wonder at the existence of a program assisting the creation of needlepoint designs. Quite a few years ago,...More......I researched the then available programs, and chose StitchPainter because it sounded like the one most suited for what I wanted to do: draw, save, print and adapt my own designs, and import photographs.

As discussed in a previous post (July 16, 2010:, the last option turned out to be more complicated than it sounds, not because of the program, itself, but because of the "clean up" process I personally find necessary.

There are, of course, things that could be improved in the program, and the company asked its users to forward suggestions. On the other hand, the program lets me do lots of things that I had never dreamed of, before. Since I find the program so inspiring, one of my plans for this blog is to take us step-by-step through at least some of its basic features, as it will be of interest not only to those already with StitchPainter (or with similar programs), but also will show those without such a program how handy a new "pencil" it is. It also is suitable for use by cross-stitchers and knitters.

(Just to be clear: I get no kickbacks of any kind from StitchPainter. I'm talking about the program because I like it and use it, and want to share my enthusiasm for this aspect of my needlepointing with you.)

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Margaret said...

Thanks for leading me here. Sorry, it took me so long but I just got home after a week away. Thanks for taking the time to read my plog.

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