Thursday, August 12, 2010

How long does it take you?

How long does it take you to do the actual needlepointing?...More......I did a one-inch long sample on my 18-hole canvas with one single Paternayan yarn (that is, one single yarn pulled away from the three-ply in which it comes, and in length one eighth of the small 8 oz. yarn packs). It turned out less than one inch in height.

I then took note of how many threads I could needlepoint in an evening of simple background filling (hence, no need to slow down to count stitches). In a typical evening of watching a bit of TV news and a film, that is, perhaps 3 1/2 hours, or so, I can needlepoint from three to four of those single yarns, and so the area I can cover in one whole evening of needlepointing turns out to be about the imprint size of a finger.

That's not much.

All this to say...please be patient!

I'm about 3-4 needlepoint sessions shy of finishing that surprise gift needlepoint project I mentioned a number of sessions ago, and then I will be able to share it with you. (And I've already got some other long projects in the works to be shared with you.)

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