Friday, September 9, 2011

Photoless Friday (26) and StitchPainter: a break from Owen Jones (whew!)

Maybe you'd like a bit of a break from all that wonderful design advice coming from Owen Jones' "Grammar of Ornament," so I thought I'd give you two hints about other sources for help and inspiration that are related to the StitchPainter program I use....More......

The company, which--for you sewers--also makes GarmentDesigner, is called "Cochenille Design Studio," and it has a web site, a blog and a discussion group.

Web site:

Blog: (Very kindly, they have included my "Ars acupicturae stellae" tweets in their tweet box.)

Discussion group (in Yahoo Groups): DesignerSchool. I'd particularly like to encourage all of you doing hand-done cross-stitch and needlepoint to buy their marvelous program, and join in the discussion because--remembering that I get no kick-backs of any kind for any mention of any products--I'm almost the only StitchPainter person in that group, and I'm lonely! Everyone talks about GarmentDesigner (and it makes me want to take up sewing, again), but I'd like a little needlepoint company!

Hope to be seeing you, soon, in the discussion group!

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