Monday, September 5, 2011

Milan Monday (41): the city's logo

Can't get the copy-paste function to work in my Paint program...necessary to get stuff into my StitchPainter program...just one of the many little SNAFUs lying in wait for me after a couple of days of much needed R&R...this way, they can get me all stressed back up to normal before I pelt into the rest of the work year, it's like a favor they're doing for me, get it? (I don't.)

So, today's "Milan Monday" will just have to go without a diagram. The image should be easy enough to print and trace, anyway. City logos often have a city-wall-crown over them; you can substitute Milan's theme on the shield with anything of your own.

My Milan (Italy):

Here's hoping that your fall starts out better than mine is!

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