Monday, August 9, 2010

Milan Monday (01)

I promised a surprise for Monday: Milan Monday.

Each Monday, I'll be posting my photos of Milan, Italy, that are inspiring for a needlepoint project. If at all possible (life too often does get in the way of needlepointing), I'll use StitchPainter to turn it into a needlepoint design, too.

While walking in Corso XXII Marzo-Viale Corsico, this air vent grill caught my eye:

And it seemed just perfect for a repeating border design:

Substitute your desired colors for the grays, and enjoy!

If you'd like to follow my blog on Milan, Italy, too, please go to:, thanks!


Jeanine in Canada said...

What a lovely design!
Thank you!

Star said...

Dear Jeanine, Thank you for viewing my blog. I love yours (for other viewers, check the link list for the Italian needlework blog in English, if you're interested). Though each medium has its own needs that have to be expressed in the design phase, too, I hope that at least some of my designs might be interesting to your needlework fans.

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