Monday, August 16, 2010

Library mouse (03): Beth Russell's "Traditional Needlepoint"

Just arrived, and already gobbled up: that's the fate of Beth Russell's Traditional Needlepoint (David & Charles, 1992)...More......Most of the inspiration for her designs comes directly from the work of William Morris and collaborators (don't know who William Morris was? See my: This means that the charted designs are not only gorgeous, but also complicated...too much so for a beginner, I'd say, but for someone with a bit of needlepoint experience and a lot of patience, the results will be gorgeous.

She gives a lot of practical advice, too, as found in my own previous messages, but what I like best for you about this book is that Ms. Russell and her collaborators have not only chosen images and produced charted designs, but they also have devoted serious thought to how you can adapt each of the charted designs for different projects and with different colors, in order to encourage you to express your creativity.

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