Sunday, April 7, 2013

Sneaking around Milan

You know, by now, that I can't resist some good word play.

So, here are some sneakers to greet spring that finally seems convinced to arrive even in Milan....More...... This year, we've had 60% more rain than usual, so we're all very very ready to have more than a sporadic day of lovely fresh blue skies and happy yellow sun. The weatherman has promised that, after Monday (sigh), some springy weather is on its way, so let's all get out our sneakers, and get ready to go for a nice long walk.

In the meantime, we can celebrate the marathon running through Milan, today, and you might enjoy needlepointing these for the sporty and youthful in your life, or for yourself. If you make the margins bigger, you could add sayings, names and birthdates. It should be good for stitching in honor of a baby's birth, too.

I captured the free clipart image (MC900351201) from the microsoft web site...thank you, Microsoft!..., and imported it into StitchPainter, added the laces, and voilĂ ! Stitching fun time for your personal, non-commercial pleasure.


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