Saturday, February 19, 2011

Surely, I'm getting unpacked a bit...("Only a bit, though, and stop calling me 'Shirley'!")

My dad's jokes make me laugh more, now, than they did then.

(me) "I feel like an ice cream!"


(him) "Funny, you don't feel like an ice cream to me!"

(me) "Aaahhh, daaaaaad!"


...anything beginning with "Surely,..." which evoked comments about the subsequent part of the sentence, followed in rapid-fire by "...and stop calling me "Shirley!"

heh heh heh

Surely by now I'm getting some of the moving boxes unpacked, and some of the stuff put away.

Key word: "some."

My needlepoint cushions have found their new homes, though.

Two on the little etagère seen upon entering the living room, and...

...the rest up on the top of the big bookcase...right where they'll be hard to dust, but away from sticky hands.

Progress on the current project is still at a standstill.

Did Jack London ever write a sequel called The Call of the Boxes?

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