Monday, October 11, 2010

Milan Monday (10): a medieval dado

Like medieval stuff? Here's a dado border in relief from Milan's Duomo...More......

It could make a marvelous rectangular cushion, for example, or a wind-stopper for a window sill, a footstool (the design can be trimmed fairly easily on the ends), or a decorative strip (replicating it with lots of patience) for the center of a long festive table.

If you don't like the heavily cast shadow (which does add 3-D, however), just split the design down the center horizontally, and flip it.

198 w x 80 h = 11" x ca. 4 1/5" for 18-count

198 w x 80 h = 16 1/2" x 6 2/3" for 12-count

If you're interested in learning more about the image, go to my blog on Milan, "My Milan (Italy)":

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