Friday, September 10, 2010

Food Fight! (03): pomegranate, sliced open

The food fight continues with this pomegranate, sliced open....More......

Though not a clipart image, the colored drawing is so crisp and precise that it, too, lent itself easily to adaption in StitchPainter to a needlepoint design.

I'll be adding images and diagrams of whole pomegranates, too.

(P.S., Here today, and gone tomorrow...when I save inspiring images from the internet, I include an abbreviated form of the web address, so I can find it, again, and so I can credit my source. This time...sigh...I apparently was so excited to find exactly what I was looking for that I forgot to do it, and my online search for the image just turned up nothing. So...if this image--originally with scientific labels pointing to the parts of the fruit--is yours, please comment below, adding the online address where I can verify the pertinence, and I'll happily credit you. Sorry!)

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