Thursday, February 28, 2013

Spring is springing!

Today is the last day of winter, and Milan is going to have glorious weather for the next couple of days, yeah! About time!

To celebrate,...More...'s a simple flower basket to needlepoint, or cross-stitch.

I found the free image (n. MC900238146) on Microsoft's web site, captured it, opened StitchPainter, sized the document for a vertical piece big enough for an almost 10" wide and a 10"+ tall cushion (18-point), selected the whole document, used Paste Special, and...voila'!

To share your designs with friends who don't have StitchPainter, do as I did: export the document into a bmp file, it's easy! (just look in the "file" menu)

So, here's my snippet of Spring springing for your personal, non-commercial stitching pleasure.

Enjoy! P.S., what's up with Blogger? The text used to wrap along the entire side of the image, but now it starts only at the bottom, so it looked better to put it a few lines underneath.

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